Solid Fuel Sounding Rocket

Cassian Cockings:

We would like to design and create a sounding rocket capable of: 

Controlling its own guidance on the accent using gryoscooes mounted in the airframe and rollerons in the fins. 

Controlling its parachute decent so.the rocket uses its GPS and accelerometer to guide itself back to the launchpad and thus saving time and resources that you would have to use to find it.

Using an onboard telemetry system to feebvak live data to our ground station with information on speed, direction and position.
In the long term we would like to power this rocket with an Amonium Perchlorate and HTPB solid fuel motor to first test it’s system numerous times under 5,000 feet, then we would increase the power to take it to over 10,000 feet. 

From that stage on we have the option of adding more stages to the rocket increase its maximum altitude. We are currently aiming at up to 30,000 feet.

We will the either use the single it multiple stage rocket to.usw it for the purpose of a sounding rocket and test future payloads and research electronics.
Cassian Cockings