Future Hybrid rocket idea

Nik Lebedenko:

Hybrid motors are a type of rocket engine that use a combination of solid fuel and liquid or gaseous oxidiser, as opposed to our original solid motors which use both solid fuel and oxidiser. A simplified diagram of a typical hybrid rocket motor is shown below:

Some videos of hybrid rocket engine burns:

Hybrid rocket motors have a few advantages over solid motors, including:

  • They are more efficient: our solid rocket motors have a specific impulse of 120s, while paraffin and liquid oxygen hybrid rocket motors typically have a specific impulse of 340s, that’s more than twice the efficiency.
  • They can be stopped and throttled: in a solid rocket motor, the only way to stop the engine mid burn is to dose the engine in water, after which you can’t restart it. However, you only need to adjust the oxidiser valve in a hybrid rocket motor in order to stop or throttle it.

You can to use paraffin and gaseous oxygen. Oxygen gas cylinders are relatively easy to accquire, as compared with nitrous oxide, due to nitrous oxide’s physiological effects when breathed in.

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