UKRoC: Lessons to be learned

In short, the UKRoC event didn't go nearly as well as we had hoped. One could even say, RECD got wrecked. This is an extensive post. You have been warned. Report of the competition We went into the competition with high hopes and expecting to do reasonably well, potentially qualifying for the next round. We … Continue reading UKRoC: Lessons to be learned


UKRoC progress

We have made a lot of progress on the UKRoC rocket, which we have named RECD (Rocket with Electronic Chute Deployment). We have created a parachute deployment system that uses an altimeter and an Arduino microcontroller to open a valve, allowing compressed air to push out a parachute at the right height. Below you can … Continue reading UKRoC progress

Now 1 week through our crowdfunding project !

We have now had our crowdfunding page live for 7 days ! Already we have raised £35 and this will allow us to help buy some of the parts of our designed GPS system which is one of our goals. We are aiming for £500 as this will allow us to make all the parts to … Continue reading Now 1 week through our crowdfunding project !

First Rocket Launch

After 4 failed attempts, I've finally made a rocket that works! The parachute didn't deploy as it got stuck inside the tube due to the shock cord being attached too close to the nose cone. This caused the chute to be snagged by the attachment so it got stuck. Turns out it can be recovered … Continue reading First Rocket Launch